In a theoretic examination of memory and tradition I explored phenomena
of the Ore Mountains, my homeland, in combination with questions
of cultural studies. Tradition as active possibility to participate in your
culture can make you aware of your cultural roots. In a storytelling way
balanced between fiction and reality I created experimental materials
out of wood veneer and leather by treating them like textiles.
With screen printing, dyeing, embroidery, embossing and deforming
I changed the look of the original resources. These material samples are
affected by their regional roots and show my ambition to create something
new out of and with the cultural heritage of the Ore Mountains.ère_profonde16.jpgère_profonde17.jpgère_profonde04.jpgère_profonde08.jpgère_profonde06.jpgère_profonde01.jpgère_profonde05.jpgère_profonde02.jpgère_profonde07.jpgère_profonde00.jpgère_profonde03.jpgère_profonde14.jpgère_profonde15.jpgère_profonde10.jpgère_profonde11.jpgère_profonde09.jpgère_profonde12.jpgère_profonde13.jpg